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We are a part of the Rentokil Initial group. We are a leading provider of expert facilities management, medical and hygiene services to businesses and organisations of all kind, enabling them to focus on what they do best.


Environment Matters

Everyone wants to take greater care of the environment. As a low-impact hygiene and washroom service business we play our part through a range of comprehensive measures. We undertake route optimisation ensuring our service vehicles spend the least possible time on the road. We have also developed the use of alternative energy sources to help reduce power consumption – as in our solar-powered air freshener. Reducing cleanser usage is another key consideration, and we have various technologies and processes in place to achieve this. Almost all paper towels we supply for use in washrooms are from recycled sources and are fully biodegradable.

We provide all Initial staff with Good Practice Guidelines and checklists that clearly set out their environmental responsibilities, and the rationale that lies behind them. We back up our frontline staff awareness and activities with regular audits from our Health, Safety and Environment team. Our environmental awareness is constantly evolving and improving.

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