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Day-to-day cleaning effectively eliminates most of the dirt you can see with the naked eye. But when it comes to urinals and WCs, hidden dangers stubbornly remain. Sanitary facilities can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that increase the risk of infection and can lead to urine salt deposits and unpleasant odours. The build up of deposits over time may clog pipes and ultimately result in costly blockages – these problems cannot be flushed away.

Only by eliminating the causes of insanitary cultures can problems effectively be addressed. Initial has developed solutions to tackle the most stubborn bacteria – and prevent them recurring. Contaminated matter is removed, further deposits are forestalled, and thus the source of potentially unpleasant odours – and infections – is removed. Initial’s Sanitiser is designed to create a fresh hygienic environment both above and below the waterline – and right through the system.

How it Works

The Initial Sanitiser is installed on urinals and toilets. At the end of each flush a measured dose of a special chemical is dispensed. This softens and eliminates existing contamination and works to prevent new deposits occurring. Using the Sanitizer reduces the time and effort cleaning staff have to put in and guards against pipe blockages.

Dimensions: H 23 x W 15.5 x D 10 cm

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