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Paper Hand Drying

Paper Hand Drying

Studies show that many people prefer drying their hands with paper towels as they provide a convenient and effective way to remove any remaining bacteria from wet hands. Initial Hygiene in Fiji offers the EnMotion Paper Towel Dispenser system as the most effective means of hand drying.

EnMotion provides the ultimate in touch-free dispensing allowing the user to pass their hand in front of the sensor to dispense a fresh portion of towel. The touch-free system reduces the risk of cross-contamination and provides reassurances over hygiene concerns.

The robust cover ensures that the paper roll is fully protected from damp and dirt in the dispenser. The smooth rounded edges make it quick and easy to clean.

The user must take the first sheet dispensed before obtaining another one. The adjustable time delay controls when the next sheet can be dispensed. The adjustable sensor proximity helps to prevent the accidental dispensing of paper in similar washrooms.

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