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Solar Airfresher

Solar Airfresh

The Solar Airfreshener is environmentally friendly, using solar energy and other light sources in your washrooms to power it. Equipped with intelligent electronics, the solar air fresh remembers visitors’ behaviour and automatically dispenses fragrance at appropriate times – from dawn till dusk. The fragrances dispensed linger delightfully, ensuring a pleasant effect all day long.

  • Unique dual canister design ensures consistent performance throughout the day.
  • Dispenses a powerful, ultra-fine ‘dry’ perfume in a choice of fragrances.
  • Spray intervals can be pre-programmed.
  • Powered by efficient light energy.
  • Intelligent software ‘learns’ washroom usage patterns.
  • Serviced and refilled by trained Initial staff at regular intervals.

Dimensions: H 22 cm W 15.5 cm D 10 cm

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