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Washroom Facilities - No Longer a Touchy Subject


Initial Washroom Solutions in the UK has extended its range of “no touch” products designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in washroom facilities. The launch of two new products is in response to in-depth research, carried out by the University of Surrey for the company into user preferences, which identified areas that were key to maintaining washroom hygiene and enhancing a company’s reputation.

The company led the market back in 2003 with the launch of the no-touch Sanitact Disposal Unit for the safe and hygienic disposal of sanitary waste. This quickly became a best seller with the no-touch version now out-selling the manual version.

The two new products, namely the no-touch Paper Towel Dispenser and Soap Dispenser are similarly revolutionary products designed to operate without the need for physical contact. With research showing users have an aversion to touching surfaces or dispensers that could harbour bacteria, Initial Washroom Solutions’ new product range offers building and facilities managers the ultimate in hygienic solutions.

Una de Boer, Head of Marketing from Initial Washroom Solutions, said: “Our research showed that poor washroom facilities did cast doubts on a company’s professionalism and overall ability, and highlighted the importance of clean, well-equipped amenities.

“The concept of no-touch facilities came out particularly well, and the benefits of these products is two-fold. With the no-touch range our customers can present the best possible facilities, which meet a real demand from end users. The products also help to reduce a number of problems managers face in maintaining clean and cost effective services.

“Blocked toilets, the inappropriate disposal of feminine dressings and wastage of both soap and paper towels are all problems that can be overcome by installing the no-touch range. Leading to a more hygienically clean environment, reducing washrooms users fears about cross-contamination, and providing potential cost savings, in addition to presenting a company in a professional light.”

The no-touch Sanitact Disposal Unit offers safe disposal of feminine dressings. The lid automatically opens once hand movement has activated a proximity sensor, and then automatically closes a few seconds later. It requires no physical contact by the user, encouraging the appropriate disposal of sanitary products.

The no-touch Paper Towel Dispenser offers a reliable and fully automated method of dispensing paper towels. The user passes their hand in front of the sensor to activate, with only one sheet presented each time. Once the sheet is torn off, the machine is reset for the next activation.

By dispensing only single sheets, the system limits over-use and wastage, major benefits that are also offered by the no-touch Soap Dispenser. This dispenses soap into a user’s hand as it is passed under the unit, and again the product is designed to dose only a measured amount on activation, therefore reducing waste.

Initial Washroom Solutions is one of the UK's leading service providers in washroom hygiene. The company provides a comprehensive range of products and services designed to maintain the appearance and freshness of the washroom environment. The products ensure the washroom is hygienic, protecting users by minimising the risk of exposure to bacteria.

The Initial range of products and services cover every aspect of washroom hygiene, from air fresheners to soap and hand-drying systems, feminine hygiene disposal, toilet tissue dispensers, washroom-vending units and a unique WC and urinal sanitization service. Regular service visits take the worry of maintenance away from a business, giving them a washroom to be proud of, without the hassle.

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